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Katie, age 14



1. What was the name of the event you have attended?

#AcornHackGirls, #AcornAccelerator2016, #AcornHackWOW, AcornHack2016, #ARHack

2.Why did you choose to come to an Acorn Aspirations hackathon?

I had been thinking about my future career, and I knew I wanted to work in technology. When I heard about an all-girls hackathon where I could work with professional developers to make my own app, I didn’t hesitate!

3.Have you done coding or any form of technology beforehand?

I attended CoderDojos regularly but I felt I like I was only dipping my toes in the water.

4.What were the top three skills (not necessarily tech) that you learnt as a result of the hackathon?

Confidence, how to use Android Studios, and pitching my ideas!

5.How have you used the skills since your participation?

Obviously, confidence has helped me in all areas of life, and my first experience with Java has made me sure that coding is something I want to do professionally. Being able to explain my ideas clearly has helped me infinitely in drama, public speaking, and everyday things like asking for directions.

6.What would you say were the highlights or funniest moments with Acorn Aspirations?

During the Acorn Accelerator in 2016, we all went outside during lunch break and did gymnastics in Paddington! I still have a video and I smile every time I see it. Also, mentoring at the #AcornHackWOW hackathon helped me see how I can use what I’ve already learnt to help others, and it was really enjoyable.

7.What kind of projects have you been developing and what has been  your inspiration?

My first project was ForgetMeNot, an app to help forgetful people (like me!) remember their stuff before they leave the house. I have continued developing it, though the concept has changed a little. I also worked on Beleaf, an app to prevent food waste. More recently I began prototyping a history app using Blippar at the Augmented Reality hackathon.

8.How do you hope to use the technological skills you learnt at Acorn Aspirations in the future?

I aim to become a software developer and I’d love to work making apps! I also enjoy the design side of things and I’ve already begun using those skills semi-professionally.

Find more about me here:

ForgetMeNot: @forgetmenot001


Beleaf: @beleafofficial #beleafinyourwaste

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