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Farida, age 17

Sir Thomas Richs



Yohnies landing page

What was the name of the event you have attended?

#AcornHack2016 @ ThoughtWorks

 Why did you choose to come to an Acorn Aspirations hackathon?

I wanted to know how to advance with my start up idea

 Have you done coding or any form of technology prior to coming to the hack?

Yes, I’m a self-taught programmer after completing code academy and Make School’s iOS program.

      What were the top three skills (not necessarily coding) that you learnt as a result of the hackathon?

Working effectively, the sprints that we had taught me how to get tasks done effectively and quickly

Working with new people, attending the hackathon I knew no one but I was able to work very well with a great team 🙂

Business planning for a start-up, prior to the hackathon I only had basic business knowledge but I was taught business skills specifically for start-ups.

 How have you used the skills since your participation?

I continue to use the sprint method of working and the business skills have helped greatly with planning past the beta stage.

What would you say were the highlights or funniest moments with Acorn Aspirations?

The highlight was definitely the final presentations, I loved seeing the amazing ideas the other teams had come up with and enjoyed how differently everyone was able to come up with their ideas.

What kind of projects have you been developing and what was your inspiration behind them?

I am currently working on a start-up called Yohnies which is social collaboration platform that aims to connect young creatives to make them more productive, more successful and empower them to create exceptional things.

  How do you hope to use the tech and entrepreneurship skills you have learnt at Acorn Aspirations in the future?

I hope to continue to use the skills I learnt as I progress further with my start-up. Many of the skills were invaluable and I continue to implement them in my daily life.

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