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Basic Information: We are the Base-2 team, and we formed at #AcornHack2016, which took place in November 2016 at ThoughtWorks. We developed Revi-C, a revision app that would allow everyone to revise easily, in their own learning style, without having to use lots of different resources. Our idea was one of the winning ideas, and we got to have our app developed to an MVP, by FutureCoders.

futureCoders offers work placements to full-time, sixth-form or college, students who work in our software development teams.  Our clients are charities, non-profits and start-ups and our development teams deliver high quality solutions for these clients.  We were very pleased to work on the Revi-C app MVP for the Base-2 team as our first project.  We worked with two BTEC National students, one from Mid Kent College and one from Lewisham and Southwark College.  We developed a back end consisting of Java classes and controllers with a PostgresQL database.  There is still a small amount of development to do but, essentially, the app is ready for the front end to be built.  The Revi-C project has given us a chance to show what we can do in a very small amount of time and with minimal professional support.

 We currently have a very basic MVP, developed by futureCoders and we are developing a dynamic front-end, using the back-end developed by futureCoders. futureCoders have been great and are still continuing to help us develop the product.

Product Website:

Revi-C Instagram: Revi_C_App

If you have any questions about the app, you can tweet @ArunPattni. FutureCoders can be tweeted @futureCodersSE


Arun Pattni | 12 | Wren Academy

Alessandro Ciraolo | 12 | St Edmunds College

What was the name of the event you have attended?

#AcornHack 2016 - November 2016, ThoughtWorks

 Why did you choose to come to an Acorn Aspirations hackathon?

Arun: I have always had an interest for technology & coding, so when I saw this online, I thought that it would be a good opportunity to develop my skills.

Alessandro: Before AcornHack I was quite keen on technology and wanted to visit so I could learn more about it and start to learn how to code.

 Have you done coding or any form of technology prior to coming to the hack?

Arun: Yes, prior to attending the hackathon, I had done quite a lot of coding, but the Hackathon still added to my skills.

Alessandro: Yes, I had used lots of simple drag-and-drop coding sites such as Scratch, and I had started to try to code with Python just before I came to the Hackathon.

 What were the top three skills (not necessarily coding) that you learnt as a result of the hackathon?

Arun: Prototyping, Agile & Scrum Methodologies, Pitching

Alessandro: Prototyping, Pitching, Basic HTML and CSS coding.

How have you used the skills since your participation?

Arun: Since the hackathon, I have used prototyping skills to plan and design things, before jumping straight in.

Alessandro: I am a lot more confident about pitching my ideas to people and how to make my idea seem interesting to people I pitch to. I am also starting to learn more HTML and CSS so I can help to code our website Revi-C.

 What would you say were the highlights or funniest moments with Acorn Aspirations?

Arun: I would say that a highlight of the Hackathon was getting to see all of the brilliant ideas that people had come up with. Also, getting to work with all different types of people, with different skills was a good experience.

Alessandro: I loved the way our groups created targets and had to work on them to move them across to “Finished” on our progress board. This built confidence and determination when I completed a task. I loved learning how to code HTML and CSS and I wished we could have spent more time learning how to code in the Hackathon.

What kind of projects have you been developing and what was your inspiration behind them?

Arun: As a team, we have all been developing Revi-C and personally, I think that the inspiration behind it was that all of us had the problem of difficult revision, with us being teens, and we needed a solution.

Alessandro: Our group, Base 2, have been working together to create our revision website, Revi-C. We developed the idea for this site from the troubles we have as young teenagers, such as having to carry so many books everywhere, and to revise, we just had to sit down and read textbooks for ages, which was very boring. We created this website to help people like us.

 How do you hope to use the tech and entrepreneurship skills you have learnt at Acorn Aspirations in the future?

Arun: I hope to use my tech and entrepreneurship skills, to develop Revi-C and also, more projects, which can be used for good.

Alessandro: I am very keen on technology and programming, and I hope to use the skills I have learnt to become more advanced and to have the skills and knowledge to find a great job in technology that I enjoy and to make things for other people to use and enjoy.

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