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Noor, age 13


1. What was the name of the event you have attended?

#AcornHackGirls, #AcornAccelerator2016, AcornHack2016, #AcornHackWOW

2. Why did you choose to come to an Acorn Aspirations hackathon?

I wanted to learn how to code and code my own games.

3. Have you done coding or any form of technology prior to coming to the hack? 

I hadn’t done any coding before.

4. What were the top three skills (not necessarily coding) that you learnt as a result of the hackathon?

How to pitch properly, how to conduct market research and how to code using HTML/CSS.

5. How have you used the skills since your participation?

My team and I pitched my app AlienHack, at Unbound and I am learning how to code games using Unity3D.

6. What would you say were the highlights or funniest moments with Acorn Aspirations?

My best moments with Acorn Aspirations were meeting my friend Chik at my first ever Hackathon and making friends with the ‘Happy Walnuts’ at the Accelerator. I also really enjoyed interviewing Rockwell Shah, Visiting Holition and meeting the inspiring Kim Pham and William Tunstall-Pedoe, the brains behind The Amazon Echo.

7. What kind of projects have you been developing and what was your inspiration behind them?

We’ve been developing Alien Hack, an app which teaches kids how to code in a fun and easy way. We came up with the idea after wanting to learn the basics of coding but not really knowing where to start.

8. How do you hope to use the tech and entrepreneurship skills you have learnt at Acorn Aspirations in the future?

I am hoping to use the skills in the future as a tech-engineer, AI researcher or entrepreneur.

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