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Day 7 of the Acorn Aspirations’ 2017 Summer Accelerator started at Skills Matter (CodeNode). When we arrived, we were given a name badge and then we set off into the basement. Our first stop was the drink station, where we all topped up our sugar levels with a hot chocolate.

After we got into our room, Backspace, we had our daily scrum meeting, where we reviewed our progress and set our goals for the day. After that, it was straight to work. The teams grouped together and worked on their projects.

A few hours later, we presented our Business Model Canvases to the group, to get feedback and advice. For this, we were joined by Alastair Falk, Head of Education at Careers and Enterprise Company. He went to each team after the presentations to review their ideas and give them suggestions. By then, it was almost lunchtime, so several teams had already gone out to play ping-pong.

After lunch, we went back to work. Teams discussed & created their projects, with the occasional, ping-pong or biscuit break.

To conclude the day, we had an inspiring talk by Alex Sullivan, Founder and CEO at He taught us about the lessons learned in creating a startup, and how to succeed at creating one.

Day 7 was exciting and interesting (as always), and all teens were looking forward to the next day.

By Arun Pattni

Also published on Medium.

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