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We had inspirational talks from Brian Moran from the USA and Tanya Laird (CEO of Digital Jam), who helped us with our pitches and made sure we were confident in presenting them. On days 9 and 10 Liane Katz from helped us with our pitches and mentored everyone. I found these people help very beneficial as before I was a bit of wary of performing my pitch and didn’t really want to do it, so they boosted my confidence. Shortly before this we had visited Twitter but we weren’t allowed to take photos of anything with the offices showing and couldn’t go inside because it was top secret.

Between 2:30 and 3:30 we went around the Wayra offices trying to persuade people to come and watch our pitches. After we had pitched, we got constructive criticism from the Judges who also asked us questions that they felt hadn’t been answered in the pitch. Some of the judges also set people up to pitch in front of more people and advised them on who could help them progress further with their app. All in all, I believe that Acorn Aspirations‘ Hackathons and Accelerators are an amazing opportunity to do something that very few have the chance to do. It would be amazing if more people were able to access these events.

By Anaïs Platt-Bowles

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