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Day 6 of Acorn Aspirations’ #AcornAccelerator2017 took place at WeWork in Moorgate, London. WeWork is a global network of workspaces where companies grow together.

Upon entering, we were warmly welcomed by WeWork staff, before proceeding up to the 7th floor to find where we would spend our day. When we first got up to the 7th floor, we chilled on WeWork’s sofa’s, while some teams worked on their projects. After that, we moved to our main area. An open and upbeat room, where we started working in our teams.

Elena soon greeted us and shortly after, we had our first talk of the day. Natasha Lytton was our first speaker and taught us all about branding. We learned about failed brands and advertisements, but also how to make a successful brand for our own startups and not fail like so many have.

After a valuable lesson on branding, we got back into our teams and got to work with our projects. We worked hard for a few hours, sometimes amused by Elena’s son, Alexander.

Shortly after, we ate our lunch. Yummy.

After an hour of food and fun, we went back to work on code, design, or whatever it is, people needed to do.

About half an hour later, we were told that we were going to be going to Realities Centre near Old Street for the teams doing VR(EduScape, Mindscape) to test their experiences on top notch VR headsets. While they were doing that, the rest of us got to try an experience, by Peter He on the HTC Vive.

Later, we returned to WeWork, to be greeted by WeWork staff offering us free goodies to promote their Creator Awards. We got everything from T-Shirts to pens to bags.

After we got up to the 7th floor, we listened to our final talk of the day. Ross Sheil, Growth Lead Startup Ecosystem at Stripe gave us a talk about everything stripe. And at the end, gave us some more goodies. Stripe stickers and t-shirts.

By Arun Pattni



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