Is Sora Free to Use?

OpenAI, the world’s most popular artificial intelligence research organization, has dropped another breathtaking product in the market – Sora. The company which is termed as the catalyst behind the ongoing AI Boom, has developed a new program that can generate life-like videos using natural language prompts. But Is Sora free to use? Let’s find out. 

With its powerful GPT language models, APIs, and of course the ChatGPT, OpenAI controls the pulse of the AI industry. Adding to its repertoire is Dall-E2, which can craft high-definition images and capture your imagination perfectly. Sora, is the next step in this direction, pushing the boundaries of artificial intelligence even further.

Let’s get further into this discussion and find out whether the Sora video generator is free, and if so, how to access it. 

Is Sora Free?

OpenAI unveiled its latest 3D animation tool, Sora, on February 16, 2024. Similar to ChatGPT, the AI model is capable of comprehending natural language prompts and gauging user requirements accurately. As a result, you get stunningly realistic videos in mere seconds.  

As per OpenAI’s official page:

“We’re teaching AI to understand and simulate the physical world in motion, with the goal of training models that help people solve problems that require real-world interaction.”

This powerful AI engine can analyze user prompts in great detail and craft a minute-long motion video featuring multiple characters, various background settings, and effects. The output is based on what the user has asked and how those things relate to the actual physical world. But the question remains – Is Sore free to use?

Unfortunately, OpenAI hasn’t disclosed any pricing structure as of now. Given the ongoing industry trend, it’s highly unlikely that the tool would be offered for free to use, at least for the long term. Apart from ChatGPT (with GPT 3.5), all of the OpenAI models require a premium purchase, and we don’t think that the company will simply give free access to this groundbreaking AI invention.  

How to Access Sora OpenAI?

Sora OpenAI video generator is available for restricted use, only to specific categories of people. The company, in its introduction, clearly stated that currently, the tool is accessible only to selected visual artists, movie professionals, designers, and AI researchers. OpenAI wants to gather feedback from industry specialists to detect any potential bugs and the areas where the model can be enhanced and made beneficial for professionals. 

“We’re sharing our research progress early to start working with and getting feedback from people outside of OpenAI and to give the public a sense of what AI capabilities are on the horizon.” – OpenAI

A limited number of red teamers also get access to Sora to assess the potential harms and risks the tool might pose in the future. The tool is still in the testing phase and, thus not available to the general public as of now. OpenAI hasn’t declared a date for the worldwide release yet, but we expect it to hit the scene later this year. 

How Much Does OpenAI Sora Cost?

At the time of writing, there is no information regarding Sora pricing available on OpenAI’s website. The company itself has acknowledged that the model is not perfect yet and may produce inaccurate video outputs, lacking key visual details. However, it’s going through heavy testing before the expected worldwide release later this year. 

Nevertheless, we expect Sora to follow the freemium model similar to OpenAI’s Dall – E2, where restricted free usage will be available to users. Alternatively, the company may also go with the subscription-based service, with a basic version tailored for casual users while premium features are locked behind a more expensive plan. 

Another possibility is through Microsoft, OpenAI’s long-standing partner, which currently gives access to premium GPT-4 for free. There is a high chance we might get our hands on Sora through Microsoft CoPilot (Previously Bing Chat). 


1. What can OpenAI Sora do?

Sora can take natural language inputs and produce 1-minute-long videos containing visual details, characters, and other details as depicted in the prompt. 

2. Which is the best Text to video generator?

Canva, Capwing, Veed, Invideo, and DeepBrain AI are among the best AI text-to-video generators available on the market. 

3. When will OpenAI Sora be available to the public?

While there is no official release date announced yet, we expect the Sora to release at the end of 2024. 

4. Can I make anime with Sora?

Yes, judging by the promotional videos released by OpenAI, it seems like it’s possible to generate anime with Sora. 

Final Word

Is Sora free or not? The answer is that we don’t know yet! The product is still unfinished and imperfect, as indicated by OpenAI itself. The hurried announcement while there is no sign of public release has left many scratching their heads. Although there are several AI text-to-video generators available on the internet, none of them seem to have found the perfect recipe yet. The outputs usually lack visual details and quality, and most importantly they fail to capture the user’s imagination. Has OpenAI found the trick with Sora? We have to wait and see. 

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